Brooklyn pre-K for adults is the latest thing in self-indulgence

Anne Cadet:

“My parents are psyched,” said student Sarah Fader.
“My fake parents are psyched,” said Ms. Devereux.

“I need to find some parents,” said Mr. Chu.

During the arts-and-crafts session, Ms. Fader, a 35-year-old Park Slope mother of two, decorated a folder with purple finger paint and sequins. “I despise organization, so I’m trying to embrace this,” she said.

She is a substitute teacher, blogger and the CEO of a fledgling mental-health nonprofit with chapters around the globe. There is not much time in her schedule for fun. “It sounded so freeing, to go play and not deal with adult problems,” she says of the preschool.

The very notion of a preschool for adults has inspired a lot of negative commentary online, much of it unprintable.