Middleton’s Clark Street Community Charter School

Clark Street Community Charter School, via a kind reader’s email:

(new charter school being opened in the MASH [Middleton Alternative Senior High School] building. This proposal got started less than a year ago, got a planning grant from DPI in August, and will open in the fall.)

Middleton High School Black Students Find A Voice

It’s Thursday morning and a group of students are seated around an oblong table in a classroom at Middleton High School.
Most of the students are black. A few are white. Together they make up the school’s Black Student Union (BSU), which was founded last year thanks in large part to the work of a few dedicated teen-agers. Today they are passing around a small toy, a black and white Holstein cow (the student holding the cow has the floor), and talking candidly about issues of race.
“I don’t want us to be a joke,” said one student. “I don’t see other student organizations treated like a joke, and I want this one taken seriously, too.”
Another turns her criticism inward, saying she feels it is important that African-American students not perpetuate negative stereotypes about themselves in the school’s corridors.
Yet another suggests holding more public events and charitable activities, prompting one young woman to volunteer to prepare food for a bake sale.

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