The highest paid Duke University employee in 2014? Not Coach K

Jason DeBruyn:

In 2014, Dzau received a total compensation of $8 million and Krzyzewski received $5.6 million. Krzyzewski’s total compensation includes $1.5 million in deferred payments, making his take-home pay for the year slightly more than $4 million. Dzau’s $8 million total compensation for the year includes $3.1 million in deferred compensation that had accrued for the past decade. He also received more than $4 million in bonus and incentive compensation. Dzau’s final day at Duke was June 30, 2014, meaning the reported compensation came in the final six months of his employment with the university.

As an academic institution, Duke files as a tax-exempt organization and must report specific financial information. Although most of the financial data contained in the report coincide with the school year, the 2014-15 school year in this case, compensation data is measured for calendar year 2014.