Ohio State employs 88 diversity-related staffers at a cost of $7.3M annually

Derek Draplin:

Ohio State University employs nearly 90 diversity-related administrative employees, which costs taxpayers in the Buckeye State about $7.3 million in salaries and benefits annually, according to an analysis by The College Fix.

The 88 administrators receive an estimated $7.3 million in total compensation, which includes $5.38 million in salaries and an estimated $1.89 million in fringe benefits.

“To put that administrative expense into perspective, about 750 in-state students could get a full scholarship for tuition and fees if those dollars were directed to student financial aid. Stated differently, it takes the entire tuition dollars from 750 in-state students to pay for those 88 diversicrats,” economics Professor Mark Perry told The College Fix.

  • xenonman

    These type of high-paying useless sinecure jobs in the public sector are the only way that minorities will be able to hold six- and seven-figure income jobs. It’s time that we wake up, and realize that vile fact, by stopping the creation of this idiotic artificial “economy”.

  • xenonman

    The proliferation of these overpaid administrators at colleges and universities is fueled doubtlessly by student indebtedness.