F is for Favorite


Students can sometimes be the very best advocates for the teaching profession. Here’s a few shout-outs to MPS teachers from none other than their appreciative students.
Dear Mrs. Grant,
Thank you for everything! You have supported me through a lot. All the time you have helped me I am so grateful for. You are one of my memorable and favorite teachers!
From, Alyana Castrejon
You are my favorite teacher I ever met even though I get in trouble.
my favorite teacher
Ms. Cynthia Wilder is my favorite. She’s a peaceful woman. She is very nice. She is always helping me with my work. When i feel like I want to give up on something she’ll say to never give up, always keep trying. You’ll never get to where you want to be if you give up.
Dear Ms. Carney,
Thank you for making this the best year yet. You are one of my favorite teachers and I truly appreciate everything you do every day. When I first came into seventh grade I didn’t understand anything but you made it easy for me, so thank you for that. I wish all the best of luck next year when you get your new students.
-Alondra Corro