“Of the students who take an initial education course [in Michigan]…. only about one-quarter reach the student teaching stage…”

Education Policy Innovation Collaborative

In this report, we combine data about students in Michigan’s K-12 public schools and public universities with educator certification testing, credentialing, and employment records to examine how the pool of prospective Michigan teachers changes as candidates progress through the pipeline and into the workforce.


  1. Enrollment in undergraduate teacher education courses has decreased over time and varies by demographic group.
  2. Only a fraction of the students who take an initial education course become student teachers.
  3. Prospective teachers of color are disproportionately likely to exit the pipeline during the advanced coursework, student teaching, and licensure testing stages.
  4. Recent cohorts of teacher preparation graduates are more likely to work as public school teachers in Michigan.
  5. Black teacher preparation graduates are more likely to enter and stay in Michigan’s public school teaching workforce.
  6. The pool of prospective Michigan teachers becomes less diverse as candidates progress between the coursework, licensure, and employment stages.


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