Open Records and the taxpayer supported Madison School District

Scott Girard:

The Madison Metropolitan School District can release an employee complaint filed against its spokesperson as part of a response to an open records request, a Dane County judge ruled Thursday.

Circuit Court Judge Rhonda Lanford ruled against MMSD’s executive director for communications, Tim LeMonds, who filed a lawsuit against MMSD on March 24 asking the court to stop the release of a few documents that are responsive to an open records request.

“I do not think that the plaintiff, Mr. LeMonds, has come close to showing that the public interest of protecting his reputation outweighs the public’s right to know,” Lanford said. “Especially in a case involving the public schools and how not just investigations are conducted, but how well how they are conducted and the results of that.”

The public records request came from NBC15 reporter Elizabeth Wadas, who requested all emails from Dec. 19, 2021, through Dec. 19, 2022, that contained her name or references to an NBC15 reporter. The district released hundreds of pages of records related to the request, but per open records law notified LeMonds that the complaint would be part of the release and allowed him time to challenge that.

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