Madison K-12 Governance & School Safety

David Blaska:

Because our Woke school boss confuses correlation with causation. Like all good critical race theorists, he’s big on disproportionality. If A doesn’t equal B, he goes all Al Sharpton. 

Today’s subject is time outs in an empty room for troublemakers or, rarely, restraint. Restraint being just holding back a kid so he doesn’t bust another kids nose.

So here’s the math: Black students = 19% of enrollment but = 48% of the kids restrainedor kept in an empty room — a room, btw, that is above ground, lighted, and is not dripping with toads. That rings Jenkins’ school bell.

“I don’t believe everybody out there is racist,” Jenkins says, before getting to the inevitable but — “but … when something’s racist, you got to call it racist. And we have some acts that are racist, point and blank.”— Carleton Jenkins, superintendent of schools, Madison WI

Who is doing all this restraining and secluding? Madison’s unionized, Black Lives Matter, Rainbow Coalition, transgender-affirming educators! The MTI members who vote Barack Obama and Mandela Barnes. Whose union endorsed Ali Muldrow over David Blaska. Those teachers! Committing acts that are racist, point and blank.

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