2010 Madison School Board Election Notes and Links

A number of folks have asked why, like 2009, there are two uncontested seats in this spring’s Madison School Board election. Incumbents Maya Cole and Beth Moss are running unopposed while the open seat, vacated by the retiring Johnny Winston, Jr. is now contested: Tom Farley (TJ Mertz and Robert Godfrey have posted on Farley’s travails, along with Isthmus) after some nomination signature issues and an internal fracas over the School District lawyer’s role in the race, faces James Howard [website].
I think we’ve seen a drop on the ongoing, very small amount of school board activism because:

Finally, with respect to the Howard / Farley contest, I look forward to the race. I had the opportunity to get to know James Howard during the District’s 2009 strategic planning meetings. I support his candidacy.

One thought on “2010 Madison School Board Election Notes and Links”

  1. Let’s face it: Running for the school board isn’t as juicy as it was 3-5 election cycles ago. The us vs. them mentality that was so pervasive has mellowed into a “get along and negotiate” mentality. Art’s retirement and Dan’s hiring seems to have stemmed some of the entrenchment of anger as well. John Matthews has been pretty quiet, the citizenry of Madison has become well educated regarding the astounding budgetary mountain the MMSD is faced with, and cooler heads now occupy the 7 seats on the board. Well, somewhat cooler, but cooler nonetheless… and definitely less politically partisan heads.
    Farley vs. Howard: I’m glad to see that a newcomer to the board will have to go through the competitive process, regardless of the outcome.

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