Commentary on Teacher Union Press Cheerleading

Mike Antonucci:

What do all these outlets have in common? Smith quoted labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein: “But what may be even more significant is the cheerleading, the hope, and the expectation for a labor upsurge that has been manifest ever since scores of eager young journalists descended upon Bessemer, Alabama, last winter to cover the union effort there to organize an Amazon distribution center.”

In case you missed it, the key word in there is “cheerleading.”

A journalist who wants to cheerlead for unions should get a job in a union communications department. It’s the same work with a LOT better pay and benefits than working for a newspaper or internet outlet.

This is a fine sentiment, but it ignores the fact that labor unions are run by a tiny elite in big coastal cities. And they don’t need more help getting their viewpoints in the press.

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