Rice makes plea for education in America

Lucy Madison:

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she’s concerned about the economy, the deficit, and the “jaded” nature of American politics – but she says the country’s “biggest single problem” is with the public school system.
Rice, speaking to CBS’ Bob Schieffer on a special Thanksgiving edition of “Face the Nation,” argued that the nation’s educational system is failing crucial populations, and that “it’s gonna drive us into class warfare like we’ve never seen before.”
Responding to a question about the current state of American politics, Rice argued that “we’ve become a bit jaded as a country.”
But she said that wasn’t her biggest concern with the future of America right now.
“I think we’ve got a deeper problem,” she said. “It speaks to the way that, for instance, I and my family got ahead. I think the biggest single problem we’ve got is the K-12 education system.”