Madison Urban League Meeting Closed, Unless its Open

Samara Kalk Derby:

A meeting Wednesday to discuss the minority achievement gap in the Madison district will be closed to the media, even if that means kicking School Board members out, the organizer said Monday.
The Urban League of Greater Madison invited Madison School Board members to its meeting facilitated by an arm of the U.S. Department of Justice, but if four board members attend, it would be considered a quorum of the school board and need to abide by the open meetings law.
Four of the seven school board members confirmed with the State Journal Monday that they plan to attend the meeting.
“We’ll have to kick one of them out,” said Urban League President Kaleem Caire, laughing. “I’m serious.”

One thought on “Madison Urban League Meeting Closed, Unless its Open”

  1. From the article: “The idea behind closing the meeting to the media — including bloggers — is to foster an atmosphere where parents and others can speak more openly and honestly, Caire said.
    “This is about the parents first,” he said. “Oftentimes we don’t put them first. And we have to do that this time.”
    Let me get this straight. We have parents who do not put a very high priority on education to the point where they really don’t care if their children succeed or even attend classes. And we are going to have a forum so they can tell us, who do care, how to make things better for their kids. Oh, and by the way, it’s going to cost you too!
    Plessy v Ferguson’s 1896 separate-but-equal doctrine was struck down 57 years ago. Separate is inherently unequal. Mr Caire should know that.

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