Watch a Discussion of the Proposed Madison Studio School

Watch this 2 hour discussion or download the 69MB video clip.

Much more on the Madison Studio School.
Ben Popper:

“I want to know why these charter options exist in other parts of the state, but not in Madison,” said Christina Navaro. “Here in the shadow of this amazing university, why don’t we have the choices that will keep parents in the public school system?”
Becky Van Houten, director of the Preschool of the Arts, where Donahue had taught, tried to give a historical perspective on the importance of a Reggio education.
“The educators who created Reggio were reacting to the terrors of fascist regimes,” she said. “They wanted to educate students who would not simply go along with what they were told.”

Zig & Zag with the Madison Studio School Politics.