Who got the money? Johnny won’t answer.

In using MMSD resources and schoolinfosystem.org to promote his basketball event, Johnny Winston, Jr.’s announcements said:

This year’s proceeds will go toward “The Campaign to Promote Student Achievement and Parent Involvement in Schools.”

I have e-mailed him twice to ask for details about the campaign, and he has not answered. Laurie Frost also raised this question in response to Johnny’s post and received no response.
I searched the online records of the Department of Regulation and Licensing for a charitable organization by that name. Nothing. I searched the records of the Department of Financial Institutions for a corporation by that name. Nothing. I searched the Internet, and the name only appears in the announcements Johnny distributed.
Johnny’s silence makes me wonder whether any such campaign exists, and whether he misused MMSD resources, his political position, and the public’s trust. I hope that I’m wrong.