Madison School Board – SPAMMED!!!

Since Thursday, “thousands and thousands” (and I mean – thousands) of e-mails have filled the e-mailboxes of Madison School Board members (and probably other members of school boards in Wisconsin). The message reads:

Dear Governor Doyle and Public Instruction Superintendent’s office,
I am very much disappointed that Wisconsin, a state which preaches tolerance and diversity, has public schools which now teach intolerance and anti-diversity. Celebrating a Christmas witch and secularizing “Silent Night” while changing the words to the Christmas carol displays a very narrow-minded approach to education. You have a double standard which allows some religious symbols while banning others. This double standard is not in keeping with this country’s religious freedom. Why not be inclusive and allow both Hanukkah and Christian Christmas songs?
Christmas is recognized as a federal and state holiday. That being the case, it appears illegal for the school board to ban Christian Christmas songs since our federal and state governments recognize Christmas as a holiday. It certainly isn’t a good reflection on your state.
I hope you will act to change this religious bigotry on the part of some schools in Wisconsin.
XXXXXXX (The name of sender)

The person responsible for doing this is very technologically savvy. Each name is different and the comments are for the most part different as well. I don’t know about other board members, but I figured out how to “filter” the messages so their not clogging up my “In-box”, however if Governor Doyle tries to get a hold of me, his message will probably end up in the “trash.” If anyone sees the Governor and he asks about me, tell him to give me a phone call or write me a letter via U.S. mail.
In the spirit of the season and being “politically correct”, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays and Happy (fill in your holiday) to all!

3 thoughts on “Madison School Board – SPAMMED!!!”

  1. Johnny, That’s too bad that you’ve been spammed. Spam and pop ads are a curse on the Internet.
    I guess that I’m pretty out of it. Who or what is the “Christmas witch?”

  2. Actually, per an NPR interview Friday, it seems several Wisconsin schools computers were swamped with similar e-mails. THIS IS ONLY HEAR SAY….but there was a request from Bill O’Riley’s TV/radio show to send emails to A few of the Wisconsin schools over the words of “Silent Night” being changed at a Chorus performance at a Wisconsin school. So Johnny may have been spammed by the “No Spin Zone!”.
    Ed, per O’Riley the Christmas Witch is the PC crowd that took Christmas away and replaced it with Happy Holiday. Holiday does mean Holy Day but it could mean any holy day which I guess is his beef. Hince, Johnny is in real trouble since he wished all a happy hoiday.

  3. Mary Kay – thanks for explaining the “Christmas witch.” I must admit that had me puzzled. It appears that all of us on the Madison Board were spammed – I’m up to about 5200 emails so far. It took me a day to figure out that I could set up a filter to send them directly to trash.

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