Homeschooling continues to grow

Don Surber:

The parents of 1 in 9 students believe public schools are so terrible that they would rather keep the kids home and teach them themselves.

Well, it is just the white kids, right? They don’t matter because whites will soon be a minority. Black and Hispanic kids will easily displace them in unionized public schools.

The story also said, “The largest increase in homeschoolers was especially notable among minority groups, including black and Hispanic learners.

“In African American households, the proportion of homeschooling quintupled from 3.3% in spring 2020, to 16.1% in fall 2020.

“In Hispanic households, the number of homeschooling households doubled in the same time, from 6.2% to 12.1%.”

You can be darned sure parents aren’t teaching their kids CRT. Why, some may even be reading The Bible.

Liberals are alarmed.

1 in 6 black kids stay at home to learn instead of going to school to be indoctrinated.

PBS reported, “If schools fail to secure the trust of parents, advocates and educators worry that the public education system could see a falloff in enrollment, particularly among families of color. Some advocates also fear that schools faced with a larger proportion of students who are struggling or frequently absent will respond with overly punitive approaches, worsening racial inequality.”

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