“Teachers have access to materials in their classrooms that are not available at home,” (1) – despite million$ spent on Infinite Campus

Taxpayers have spent millions on Infinite Campus:

Integration separates us from the competition. We are not just an SIS, we are an LMS, food service, district communicator, finance, human resources, and much more…all within a single product.

2012 (!) Madison School District Infinite Campus Usage Memorandum.

Across our middle and high schools, a number of you have utilized the Infinite Campus grade book.
Parents,guardians and other youth service providers appreciate the information regarding student progress. This year, the MMSD opened an online student enrollment option for families. The feedback is clear, a high percentage of MMSD families utilize Infinite Campus. The Research and Evaluation Department has analyzed the number of Infinite Campus grade book entries in all of our schools and it is evident to me that we have yet to reach our full implementation by having all teachers using the Infinite Campus grade book and consistently updating student progress. Therefore, it is my expectation that all teachers follow the below guidelines as we enter the 12-13 school year.

Notes and links on the Madison School District and Infinite Campus.

(1) via Logan Wroge’s recent Madison School Board Summary.