Waunakee School District may break off Spanish as a separate class

Gena Kittner:

Heather Lawnicki — Señora Lawnickci to her students — sweeps into her fourth-grade classroom at Heritage Elementary and immediately leads students in singing “Buenas tardes,” a popular Spanish tune that gets the children primed to think and speak in Spanish.
The clock is ticking and there’s no time to waste: Lawnicki has just 30 minutes to cover lessons in both Spanish and social studies — on this day “los indios” of Wisconsin, the Indians.
While Lawnicki, who is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, delivers most of the instruction in Spanish, she often needs to repeat her questions in English. The children, who appear to have a general grasp of the language, sometimes answer in kind until Lawnicki prompts them to respond in Spanish.