What can the MMSD sell?

Congratulations! You have been selected to write 30 second radio ads for the MMSD to recruit families and students to the district’s schools. Remember, the ads should stress what’s unique about Madison schools, and what a student will get only in Madison, because all of the area’s suburban and private schools compete for the same students; so the ads should subtly contrast the MMSD with those competitors. The ads cannot just say, “Madison has excellent, dedicated teachers and staff,” because every school district probably says the same thing.
The ads need to target familes with students of various ages, so we need at least three ads, separately targeting elementary, middle, and high school. You might consider speciality ads for families from various cultures and races.
Post your ads (not lengthy discussions) as responses to this post.

2 thoughts on “What can the MMSD sell?”

  1. Okay, bloggers. I’ll take a shot at an ad.
    ANNOUNCER: Schools of Hope volunteers tutor Madison students in reading.
    CHILD’S VOICE: Frog said, “Get up, Toad. It’s spring.”
    ANNOUNCER: An innovative partnership between the Madison schools, the United Way, and the Wisconsin State Journal links hundreds of elementary children with reading tutors in a unique program called Schools of Hope – just one example of the commitment of Madison’s community, teachers, and staff.
    Let’s withhold comment on ads until we get three or four posted.

  2. ANNOUNCER: Does your child like to discover the world around him?
    CHILD’S VOICE: Mommy, mommy, I want to discover the world around me!”
    ANNOUNCER: We at MMSD can help your child realize his ambition. We won’t get in the way of him working collaboratively with his peers in discovering and constructing his own knowledge.

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