Washougal Moms:

On May 11th the Washougal School District discriminated and harassed three female community members who came to a public meeting about critical race theory and mask mandates for their children. They were kicked out by Vice Superintendent Aaron Hansen (Salary $142,100+) and Superintendent Mary Templeton (Salary $168,634+), who are vocal supporters of critical race theory. FYI: WA State budget is facing a 9 billion dollar shortfall.

The board voted to end the meeting because they claimed there was a disruption when one member would not put on a mask due to medical and religious exemptions, which she stated multiple times. However, after the three left and everyone pretended they were leaving in their cars, the board started another meeting which is against the law. They have to publicly post a 24 hour notice before any new meeting. When the three citizens learned about this from parents watching on zoom, they came back. The doors were locked (against the law) and all the attendants (fellow educators) from the earlier “adjourned” meeting were inside. They refused to let the community members in and even shut the window closed in their faces and proceeded to laugh and mock them (visibly laughing). Washougal board members called the police and demanded the three be trespassed from City of Washougal property or face arrest for the length of one year. The police trespassed all three, including the two single mothers who wore masks and have children who attend WSD, at the request of the board: police were not given an option to say no to this. There is no way to challenge this trespass besides civil litigation.