Teens accused of murder: doesn’t get much colder

David Blaska:

A jogger found Beth Potter the morning of March 31 lying aside a trail in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. She was clothed only in pajamas and socks on a 30-degree night, not yet dead. Her husband, Robin Carre, lying nearby only in his underwear, was already gone.

Two good, community-minded Madison liberals, trying to live their sense of social justice. (Mr. Carre’s letter supporting the liberal WI Supreme Court candidate.) How had they failed their adopted daughter and her minority-race boyfriend? Or did their Madison progressivism fail them?

Police found .357 SIG shell casings around the bodies, “indicating a likelihood that the victims had been shot at that location,” according to the criminal complaint. Both had been shot point-blank in the head. A resident nearby heard gunshots at about 11 p.m. the night before. 

Beth Potter and Robin Carre, it appears, had been dragged out of bed, taken to the heavy woods of the arboretum, and executed point blank. For money.

The criminal complaint cites an informant overhearing a conversation in ceramics class (no less!) at Madison West high school between one of the defendants, Khari Sanford, and the murdered couple’s adopted daughter (who has not been charged as of this writing),  “of how they could get money” — that her parents were wealthy. (The criminal complaint names the second defendant as Alijah J. Larrue.)