Madison K-12 Achievement Data @ LaFollette 2020 Referendum Presentation

The presentation included assertions on redistributed state taxpayer dollars sent to Madison (2010 – 2019 data available here).

The presentation did not mention total Madison K-12 spending , nor the implications of spending increase referendums on local property taxes and redistributed state taxpayer funds. In essence, the more a local school district exceeds state revenue limits, the less statewide funds they receive. Nonetheless, redistributed state taxpayer funds have grown over the past decade (note that there has been a reduction in Madison’s increase due to our tax and spending growth practices, via a number of referendums).

Notes on the above from Kelly Ruppel, the Madison School District CFO:

We are a -15% aid loss district, primarily driven by Madison’s equalized property value growth impact on the equalization aid formula. -15% loss is the maximum allowable; therefore, the referendum would not likely cause us to lose any more state aid funding, rather in either scenario we are quite likely to still be -15% loss.

I appreciate Ms. Ruppel’s words. I wonder how much the property value growth has contributed to this vs. previous referenda?

Presentation handouts (PDF).

Total 2019 – 2020 taxpayer spending is “around $500,000,000” (About $18,500 per student) according to the District’s Chief Financial Officer’s [bio] response to a question.

Madison supports 13,573 elementary, 5,479 middle and 7,862 high school students (26,914 total).

A presenter [org chart] further mentioned that Madison spends about $1 per square foot in annual budget maintenance while Milwaukee is about $2.

Milwaukee taxpayers plan to spend $1.2B for 75,234 students, or $15,950 per student, about 16% less than Madison.

The referendum website.

Mission vs organization notes:

Commentary and Data on Madison’s High School Graduation Data.

“The data clearly indicate that being able to read is not a requirement for graduation at (Madison) East, especially if you are black or Hispanic”