Union questioning Florida teacher evaluation plan

Bill Kaczor:

Margaret Goodman says she received high marks from all five principals she’s worked for during 39 years, yet Florida’s new evaluation system gave her a low rating of “needs improvement.”
The third-grade teacher at St. Petersburg’s Westgate Elementary School on Tuesday said the system’s value-added model, or VAM, is demoralizing and unfair. It’s based on student test scores, but Goodman said her evaluation was based on exams taken by students she didn’t teach.
“The reality is the value-added model has nothing at all to do with adding, nor does it have anything to do with my proficiency as a teacher,” Goodman said.

One thought on “Union questioning Florida teacher evaluation plan”

  1. Can anyone identify a merit based evaluation anywhere that has met its stated objectives for a 3 year period? I know of no evaluation program anywhere in this Country that has done anything more than contribute to the denigration of teachers.Please identify any program that has provrd itself. Thanks

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