Delayed Development: 20-Somethings Blame the Brain

Melinda Beck:

Many parents of 20-somethings worry that their offspring haven’t yet found a career path, gotten married or become financially independent.
These parents should chill out, experts say.
Recent research into how the brain develops suggests that people are better equipped to make major life decisions in their late 20s than earlier in the decade. The brain, once thought to be fully grown after puberty, is still evolving into its adult shape well into a person’s third decade, pruning away unused connections and strengthening those that remain, scientists say.

One thought on “Delayed Development: 20-Somethings Blame the Brain”

  1. I’m not buying this argument. Brains and emotions develop to maturity because the brains are worked to develop the knowledge skills, and emotions of mature adults.
    The idea that one can just sit around waiting to do mature things, take mature steps and think mature thoughts until the “mature” brain develops is quite ludicrous.
    The article, to my surprise, now reads to extend immaturity up to 29. Just a few years ago, it was 25. 3 generations ago it was agreed to be 18, and for many cultures 12 and 13 are the ages when childhood begins to end, and kids are forced to take on adult behavior and responsibilities.
    Clearly, not only are we failing to force kids to learn academic material that was a given in the 50’s and 60’s, but they are not being required to get a handle on their emotions either.

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