Angry Your Employment Security is in Jeopardy?

Madison Teachers, Inc. Solidarity Newsletter (92K PDF):

Layoff: Seniority is a right that is earned under MTI’s various Collective Bargaining Agreements. Seniority is based on one’s years of service and provides protection from indiscriminate layoff.
Under MTI’s Contracts, seniority protects members of MTI’s various bargaining units from subjective or discriminatory layoff. When layoff is necessary, the Contracts provide an objective means, including tie-breakers for those with the same seniority.
Governor Walker’s Act 10 puts seniority in jeopardy because all collective bargaining agreements in Wisconsin covering school district employees will disappear in 2013 under Walker’s Act 10 (blekko, clusty, google news).
What can you do to protect your employment security? Get involved in this spring’s RECALL ELECTION. There are only 15 days until the RECALL PRIMARY ELECTION. Candidates Barrett, Falk, La Follette and Vinehout have promised to reverse Act 10 and to restore public employees’ rights to collectively bargain.
Without your help, there is no chance of reversing the negative impact of Act 10 on school district employees. Call/email MTI Assistant Director Jeff Knight ( / 608-257-0491) to offer assistance via your Union.

One thought on “Angry Your Employment Security is in Jeopardy?”

  1. I have spoken to several union members regarding seniority, and many are not in favor because it is they who are continually losing out of the benefits of seniority — once senior always senior
    Those low on the seniority scale believe that the seniority language does not represent their long term best interests.
    It does seem that the benefits of seniority should be a decaying process — that is seniority should have a half-life. To go along with this, pay should go in the opposite direction. The result should be, say after 8 years, for individual staff, there should be no benefits or detriments based on seniority.

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