Driving the Classroom with iTunes U

Frasier Speirs:

There was a time when iTunes U was just a section of the iTunes store where you could download audio and videos. Since Apple’s recent education event, that’s all changed. iTunes U is still a part of the iTunes Store but there’s now a dedicated iTunes U app for iOS devices.
The other major change to iTunes U was a policy change. iTunes U was previously only available to universities. At the January education event Eddy Cue stated that “starting today K-12 schools can sign up” to iTunes U. We didn’t get pre-announcement access but I signed up as soon as I could and Cedars has been accepted to iTunes U.

One thought on “Driving the Classroom with iTunes U”

  1. Apple’s iTunes U app and the opening of iTunes U to K12 is promising, but the product is lacking in a key piece — a learning management system (LMS).
    This is a critical piece. Some aspects of iTunes U would allow curriculum to be built up from smaller pieces, but it does not seem to have the functionality to allow teachers to monitor progress of individual students, evaluate them individually, allow gauging of student mastery, ability to push new material based on student progress or lack thereof.
    Such is required, I believe, to allow students to gain mastery before moving on to next topics.

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