The Insider View of Education Reform

Whiteboard Advisors:

Education Insider is a monthly report and webinar that provides real-time insights on federal education policy trends, debates, and issues–from the handful of decision makers that are driving the process.
Trying to follow the ins-and-outs of Federal education reform — a morass of legislation, regulations, grants, mandates and more — is like assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle. It is often difficult to see the entire picture when all you have is a few pieces. The challenge is piecing together bits of conversations, speeches, legislation, regulations, and other expressions of policy intent to discern what is happening in the debate. This process is even more complex since other policy issues and political agendas can change the trajectory of education policy.
As with any issue, there are only a handful of insiders that will shape the debate but never before has there been an attempt to tap their collective insights and forecasts.
Organizations must anticipate and react to Federal policy and funding changes need high quality information and analysis and the complete picture that Education Insider provides.

One thought on “The Insider View of Education Reform”

  1. Selling influence? The list of their “Insiders” are informative. None are experts in education. Surprisingly, I think that there are experts in education who have solid understanding of key issues. But, there is little doubt that they are not being listened to — politics, money, and power will never find that those who know what they are taking about serve the purposes of the “insiders”.
    The only place you will find experts is down in the working ranks. They are the ones who would be “disruptive” (to use the new buzzword of the day) to the current processes, and they not only will tell you the newest fad is not going to work, the newest best-selling book promising solutions is a charade but can explain in detail why that is the case.
    They are the ones who don’t get on committees, don’t occupy state leadership positions, don’t get on talk radio, on Oprah, O’Reilly. Their only audience are those few who are well-enough educated to understand the science, the studies, the math, the statistics, and those who are so educated are never the education leaders, either.

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