More on How the NEA Spends $133 Million to Preserve Influence

RiShawn Biddle:

As Dropout Nation reported on Wednesday, the National Education Association reported in its recent U.S. Department of Labor filing that it spent $133 million in 2010-2011 on lobbying and contributions to groups whose agendas (in theory) dovetail with its own. And the list of organizations and players who have benefited from the union’s largesse grows even larger.
The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, a longtime beneficiary of NEA funds, garnered $400,373 from the union during its last fiscal year. The Great Lakes Center for Education, which, like the Economic Policy Institute, always churns out studies that dovetail nicely with NEA positions, got $250,000 from the national union. (Three affiliates — Michigan Education Association, Education Minnesota, and the Illinois Education Association — chipped in another $30,000, according to each of their respective federal filings.) National Board for Professional Teaching Standards got $10,000 from the union last fiscal year. And the University of Colorado at Boulder also picked up $250,000 for a “sponsored project”, likely something being put together by one of the NEA’s longtime fellow-travelers, Kevin Welner’s National Education Policy Center that is based on the university’s campus.

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