Why Public Schools Need Less Regulation

Michael Horn:

Picture the following scenario. You ask your friend to come up with a creative meal that will amaze your guests at a dinner party you are holding, but you impose some constraints. Your friend can only use the ingredients from a restrictive list and must follow the specific directions from a meal you cooked these same guests just weeks earlier.
What are the odds that your friend makes something innovative? Not good. After all, you’ve practically defined the solution by specifying nearly all of its inputs before she can even consider what she might cook.
A far better way to generate an innovative solution is to define the outcome you need — a five-course meal for eight — and then allow your friend to figure out the best way to get there.

2 thoughts on “Why Public Schools Need Less Regulation”

  1. At the end of each school period, teachers should evaluate the out come of what was tought to all of there students. What did or did not the student get. Now evaluate the teacher and their ability to teach the students. Reward the teacher who does a good job. Send the teacher who has troble to remedial courses to help that teacher. This could be after school ours for those teachers. No pay to that teacher for after our remedial classes. If teachers do extra courses to help them keep up, they should be paid for that. I don’t have a problem with Uions but I do have problems when teachers are protected by the Uion who in-effectivly cant teach childern and won’ seek help.This goes foe addmenistration as well. The Principle of that school should be allowed to over see each teacher with out interferance. I have seen bad teachers in my time and they continue to teach our childer and get paid for it.
    I belive a better system in evaluating is needed.
    PS. I have seen some gerat teachers as well.
    Thank you,
    Edward Murray #100 Black Men INC#

  2. The comments purportedly by Ed Murray of 100 Black Men saddens me.
    I would not have been surprised if it had been written by presidential candidates Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, or Rick Perry, but I would expect a lot more from a representative of 100 Black Men who purport and need to be a realistic role model.
    At minimum, the misspellings and typos here are rampant, and capitalization is off.
    Now, it could be that someone besides Ed Murray placed this comment on the site and “signed” his name, as a form of ridicule. If so, this site needs to take additional precautions.

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