Analysis finds small number of University of Texas faculty teach most students

Eric Dexheimer:

Twenty percent of University of Texas at Austin professors instruct most of the school’s students, while the least-productive fifth of the faculty carry only 2 percent of the university’s teaching load, according to an analysis of recently released data by a researcher with ties to an Austin organization promoting controversial changes in how the state runs its higher education system. Meanwhile, 10 percent of the faculty bring in 90 percent of its research grants.
The UT System’s flagship school could save taxpayers millions of dollars by increasing professors’ teaching loads and jettisoning under-performing instructors without jeopardizing the school’s commitment to research, said Richard Vedder, an economics professor and director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity.
The center, “dedicated to researching the rising costs and stagnant efficiency in higher education,” released the report late Friday. UT faculty members quickly took issue with its conclusions.