Milwaukee Public Schools’ Quietly Implement Changes

Alan Borsuk:

Alas, Milwaukee Public Schools: The School Board and administration will never take the kind of bold action that’s needed to stabilize the financial picture. The system is awash in empty buildings, and they won’t do anything about it. They’ll never take real action to improve what goes on in classrooms. It’s hopeless.
Wrong, wrong, and wrong. And maybe wrong about the fourth one.
Without much fuss or attention, this has been an autumn of big change in the way MPS is run. It is still a highly troubled system, but it’s time to give credit to the leaders for taking action on some of the things that most threaten MPS. You can criticize them for not acting sooner or for other things, but let’s take advantage of some holiday cheer to look at recent events. There’s still life in the lumbering giant.
If you ask Superintendent Gregory Thornton, he’ll tell you what’s under way is “a quiet storm, and, when we wake up, the flowers will have bloomed.”
(Thornton, by the way, seems to be talking like a guy who isn’t going to pack up and leave soon, which has been a matter of speculation since shortly after he arrived 17 months ago.)