Average Milwaukee Public Schools Teacher Salary Plus Benefits Tops $100,000; Ramifications

MacIver Institute:

For the first time in history, the average annual compensation for a teacher in the Milwaukee Public School system will exceed $100,000.
That staggering figure was revealed last night at a meeting of the MPS School Board.
The average salary for an MPS teacher is $56,500. When fringe benefits are factored in, the annual compensation will be $100,005 in 2011.
MacIver’s Bill Osmulski has more in this video report.

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Finally, the economic and political issue in a nutshell: Wisconsin’s taxbase is not keeping up with other states:

2 thoughts on “Average Milwaukee Public Schools Teacher Salary Plus Benefits Tops $100,000; Ramifications”

  1. Seriously, The MacIver Institute and Michelle Malkin are cited as having anything credible to say on ANY subject much less this one?!
    The MacIver Institute is a right-wing think tank in the business of debunking the science of climate change, among other topics on which they have not one shred of expertise to offer an opinion.
    Michelle Malkin is a hack, plain and simple.
    I’m happy to listen to a debate but let’s make it a fair one.

  2. Damn! Every so often I actually agree with Joan on something. However, calling Malkin a “hack” is pretty generous. In fact, it gives “hacks” everywhere a bad name.

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