No more waiting for (Wisconsin) school reform

Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin Gov.-elect Scott Walker hasn’t seen the film “Waiting for Superman” yet, about America’s struggling public school system. The demands of campaigning and now preparing to take office don’t allow much time for movies.
But Walker did have “a good chat” with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan last week. “In many ways,” Walker told the State Journal, “our ideas on reform follow a similar path.”
That’s encouraging because Walker has a huge opportunity to reshape our state’s schools. The incoming GOP governor needs to think big and act boldly, just as the Democratic president’s impressive education secretary has.
Duncan last month called the release of “Waiting for Superman,” by director Davis Guggenheim, “a Rosa Parks moment.” Duncan hopes the vital film — now playing at Sundance Cinemas in Madison — will spark discussion and action aimed at the incredibly serious challenges facing public education.

One thought on “No more waiting for (Wisconsin) school reform”

  1. The film features a few of our Nations educational situations,examples;there are schools that fail to educate students,there are schools that are known to have high percentages of students who graduate,Our nations schools fail to compete with other industrialized nations in graduationd technically competent students,our teachers unions are resisting change. Many problems such as parents drug,alcohol and other addictions are not featured in the film. I feel the film is an excellent conversation starter.One of my concerns is that we have never addressed the responsibility of our parents.Most students who are failing in academics or behavior are being affected by a parent who is abusing alcohol,drugs,food and sex.I feel we should be referring these parents to an outside (school) agency.We need to start exercising managements rights to terminate failing teachers,we very rarely fire a teacher for cause,we also need to transfer teachers for educational program improvement efforts-a management right we have lost in teacher union negotiations.The film didnt address these and other changes required but the film could be the start in turning around our failures to our children,a start in accepting responsibilty instead of blaming teachers.

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