Should Extra-Curricular Fine Arts Teachers be Paid the Same as Sports Coaches?

Craig Smith:

If you haven’t already, you should take the time to read Susan Troller’s lively profile of Memorial High School drama coach and English teacher Tom Hardin. It’s a great portrait of a man who’s in top form, and he raises a thorny question about equity in extracurricular activities: should the faculty who direct the school plays and coach the forensics teams get as much support and pay as the coaches of the football and basketball teams?
If you read the story, you might be tempted to write Hardin off at first blush, as some commenters do. He’s threatening to step down at the end of the school year leading drama as well as his position overseeing Memorial’s first-rate forensics team. He says it’s not fair that sports get far more attention and outside support, not to mention that their coaches get more money than those leading, say, drama.
It’s not about the amount of money, he says, and in the great scheme of things, the difference in pay really isn’t much — not quite $1,300 a year. In certainly pales in comparison to the difference between what UW football coach Bret Bielema and university faculty members make.

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