Wisconsin School District Performance Report

Wisconsin DPI:

School districts often find it challenging to provide their School District Performance Reports (SDPRs) to the public at their websites, as is legally required (under s.115.38, Wis. Stats.).
The job is easier now that the DPI has created an on-line version of (most of) the SDPR. By simply linking to this page, districts can fulfill almost all of their Internet-based data reporting obligations under the statute.
The Web report covers those SDPR categories which are reported by athletic conference, including achievement, Advanced Placement participation, graduation rates, post-secondary plans, extra-/co-curricular activities, staffing, and financial information. Districts still hold the responsibility for reporting suspension and expulsion data, which are not yet available on the SDPR webpage. The DPI is planning to add that data to the on-line report in the future.

One thought on “Wisconsin School District Performance Report”

  1. Click on the link provided, the one which starts
    with DPI. Then in the district box put Madison
    Metropolitan. This will give data on the state
    tests in five areas showing the percent of
    advanced or proficient students. Notice that
    with the exception of grade 8 in Language Arts,
    Janesville has a higher percent of their students
    listed than Madison does. Then look at truancy
    and see that the percent of students in Janesville
    who are habitually truant is more than twice the
    figure for Madison. Truancy is often a good
    measure of the problem students whose academic
    record is poor. What explanation does the
    Madison Metropolitan School District have for
    this data?

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