In Favor of Arlene Silveira for the Madison School Board

The Capital Times:

Races for the Madison School Board, once among the most intense of local electoral competitions, have been a lot quieter in recent years. The more cooperative and functional character of the board, combined with a more responsive approach to community concerns, is confirmed by the fact that many voters are unaware that there is even a contest for one of the two seats that will be filled April 7.
While Seat 2 incumbent Lucy Mathiak, a serious and engaged board member, is unopposed, School Board President Arlene Silveira faces Donald Gors for Seat 1.
We’re glad that Gors, a parent and business owner, is making the race. It is good to have the competition. But even as he launched his run, Gors admitted, “I don’t really know anything about the people on the board or where they stand.”

Watch or listen to a recent conversation with Arlene here.

One thought on “In Favor of Arlene Silveira for the Madison School Board”

  1. While I applaud Don for running in the race and providing conversation, I would like to endorse Arlene over Don. Don is a thoughtful father that is concerned for his three daughters but after being at Jefferson where he was on the PTO I feel strongly that he is ill suited for the politics, negotiations, and depth of information that the School Board requires.

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