Allen family’s costs pile up for kids’ education

Matthew Haag:

Parents know putting three kids through public school can be expensive.
The Swiateks in Allen know exactly how much.
At The Dallas Morning News’ request, the family agreed to keep a tab on how much they spend on school-related expenses for their three children.
tually look at the numbers and add it up,” said Beth Swiatek, who says she takes pride in spending money wisely.
Rachael is a high school senior, Erin is a high school freshman and Joel is in sixth grade.
Before the school year had even begun, the Swiateks paid nearly $2,800 to ready their children for the school year. That total did not include school clothes, but it did pull in the first payments for the two oldest children to go on a band trip. That trip to Hawaii will cost $2,200 per child.

One thought on “Allen family’s costs pile up for kids’ education”

  1. Sorry, but spending $128 for school photos (or even $38) is not wise. Neither is buying t-shirts at $13 (I’d never pay more than $8 for a t-shirt!). This family needs to learn to shop sales, shop at Target (photo sheets there are $3.99 with a coupon and it’s the same company that does the school photos!), resale stores, and clearance sales. Who is still friends with friends from elementary – or even middle – school? Why does a 6th grader NEED a yearbook? That’s a $20 waste of money. Mum-making supplies cost $50? Give me a break. Oh, and how does that fall under an “educational” expense?

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