November 2008 Madison School District Referendum Watch List Report Card

Active Citizens for Education presents this “Watch List Report Card” as a means of reporting relevant information, facts and analyses on topics appropriate for consideration by taxpayers in voting on the Madison Metropolitan School District referendum question November 4, 2008. This document is dynamic in nature, thus it is updated on a regular basis with new information and data. Questions, analyses, clarifications and perspectives will be added to the entries as appropriate. Review Ratings will be applied to report the progress (or lack thereof) of the Board of Education and Administration in its plans, data, information, reports and communications related to the referendum.
Complete PDF Document. Madison School District Revenue Summary 2005-2011 PDF

One thought on “November 2008 Madison School District Referendum Watch List Report Card”

  1. Thanks to all those who worked hard to get the referendum passed by a nice margin! Our BOE members now have their work cut out for them, but they are bright folks who care deeply about our schools, and I know they can work with Dr. Nerad to make it happen. Good dissolves evil!

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