Studies: SAT Writing Portion a Good Predictor of Freshman Grades

Janet Kornblum:

The controversial new writing portion of the SAT is actually a better predictor of grades for freshmen college students than the older, more-established, critical reading and mathematics portions, according to preliminary results of two new studies.
The College Board, which administers the SAT, studied test scores from 150,000 freshmen entering 110 colleges in 2006 and then looked at their GPAs at the end of their freshmen year, says Wayne Camara, vice president of research.
“Our study suggests that the writing test is the best single predictor” of freshman grades, he says. The study won’t be finalized until summer, he says.
The University of California drew a similar conclusion from an analysis of its incoming 2006 freshmen and their GPAs, says Sam Agronow, coordinator of admissions research and evaluation at the University of California’s office of the president.

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  1. Yet another reason why West HS Principal Ed Holmes’s unilateral decision to cut the twenty-nine-year-old West Writing Lab is an incredibly misguided and short-sighted one.

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