Dan Nerad on Green Bay’s Hispanic Population Growth

Elizabeth Ries:

By the year 2017, the institute projects, 17 percent of Brown County’s population will be Hispanic. In Green Bay public schools, that projection is already a reality.
“We are just about there right now,” Superintendent Dan Nerad said.
The data show immigrants consume more in state and local services than they pay into the system through state and local taxes, but the report adds that immigrants contribute to economic growth by opening businesses and spending money here, and says it’s unlikely the influx of immigrants had any negative impact on job opportunities for long-time residents.
The most expensive public service is K through 12 education, but school officials see that service as an investment.
“It’s all part of the changing demographic in our country,” Nerad said.
Nerad said it’s his responsibility to educate all children in Green Bay, although he acknowledges a changing demographic isn’t always easy to handle.

The Economic Impact of Immigration on Green Bay by David Dodenhoff.

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