Statement by Madison Board of Education President Arlene Silveira on the state budget

“I am disappointed that the members of the Wisconsin Legislature are unable to do the job they were elected to do: pass a state budget. As an elected
official, I take my duties and responsibilities seriously.
“In September, school started on the day it was scheduled to begin, teaching and learning is taking place in our classrooms and our school district is operating the way we planned for it to operate.
“Earlier this year, the Madison School board approved a tentative budget for the 2007-08 school year, anticipating that by October, when the Board usually sets the tax levy, we would have all the final information to finish our job. After months of partisan wrangling, our state legislators have failed to uphold their end of the partnership.
“It’s unfortunate that our local property taxpayers will suffer the consequences of the Legislature’s inability to pass the only bill required in a two-year session: the biennial budget.”
Madison Metropolitan School District
Public Information Office
545 W. Dayton St.
Madison, WI 53703

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One thought on “Statement by Madison Board of Education President Arlene Silveira on the state budget”

  1. I think most elected officials take their duties and responsibilities seriously. The problem here is differing political views, coupled with one house controlled by one party, and the other by another. I am not likely to support Republican agendas, but I do understand that they take their work seriously. This is yet another instance where things do not budge because neither side will try to learn and understand the other’s position.

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