Germantown Wants to Leave Milwaukee’s MATC Tax District

Tom Kertscher & Erica Perez:

A proposal to remove Germantown from the Milwaukee Area Technical College District is a step into largely uncharted territory, but it is attracting interest from other communities that want to cut property taxes.
Meanwhile, MATC is waiting to see whether it could lose millions of dollars to the Moraine Park Technical College District, should Germantown succeed in moving to the lower taxing district.
Gaining approval from the state technical college board for such a move probably would be difficult, given that it would take money away from the Milwaukee district, said Germantown Village Trustee Al Vanderheiden.

One thought on “Germantown Wants to Leave Milwaukee’s MATC Tax District”

  1. This is not an issue of support for the MATC core institution – It is taxation without representation since there is not a single board member that lives outside of Milwaukee County. Its too bad that they “need” the money of us Ozaukee and Washington residents to support their Milwaukee Campus – we all have to do more with less these days. It seems to me that every other day there is a MATC scandal involving 6-figure office decorating or some such. Didn’t we fight a war over this? Seems to me King George made some of the same arguments.

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