Detroit Superintendent No Fan of Charters

Jennifer Mrozowski:

New Detroit Public Schools superintendent Connie Calloway said Thursday that she does not support charter schools, and she intends to present ideas that will help draw students back to the struggling school system.
“Charter schools mean suicide for public schools,” said Calloway during her first board meeting, causing the crowd at Kettering High School to erupt in applause.
Calloway said Detroit Public Schools must get to the root of the persistent enrollment loss plaguing the 116,000-student district.
She identified two immediate reasons: ongoing disputes the district faces and the desire of parents to have safe, clean and orderly schools.
“We have to think about the presence that we put forth to the media, to the state department, to the rest of the United States as a Detroit Public Schools community,” she said. “What is it that we are doing that causes us to drive families away?”

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One thought on “Detroit Superintendent No Fan of Charters”

  1. “Charter schools mean suicide for public schools”??
    From the sounds of it, Detroit public schools have met their demise already, without any “assistance” from charters. Is it even possible for a behemoth school system like that to make a significant turnaround WITHOUT new schools, new ideas, and a new localized control that charters could provide?
    Charters may not be a perfect solution (is there such a thing, anyway?), but it sure seems better than the status quo, which is what most school systems like to dish out more of – including MMSD! Fresh ideas seem greatly needed and need to be greatly encouraged by administrators & the BOE around here. Interesting, too, that the mayor of Detroit recently made a public statement strongly supporting charters. He may have a political agenda, sure, but his job/experience may also provide him with a bigger perspective on what kids & the general community needs.
    Any thoughts out there on the need for and feasibility of more charters in MMSD?
    (BTW, someone should probably inform the Detroit sup that charter schools ARE public schools.)

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