Students Swim In Knowledge of Aqua Biology Class

Susan Troller
The Capital Times
You can’t blame them for screaming, even if it does scare the fish.
The high school students in Paul du Vair’s aqua biology summer school course have learned to be extraordinarily game as they explore and record scientific data about Lake Mendota and its Six Mile Creek tributary. But there are a few things that make even these field-tested young ecologists shriek or howl out loud.
Like when they emerge from Lake Mendota or Six Mile Creek with blood-sucking leeches firmly attached to their legs. Or when they are hauling nets through waist-deep, murky water and big dark shapes bump against them. Or when they are wading along and suddenly step deep into a hidden, muck-filled hole.
The 20-odd students who are part of du Vair’s three-week summer enrichment biology class are not faint of heart, and they don’t complain much. Like generations before them, they are taking part in a Madison institution, the only summer school enrichment course that has survived mostly unchanged from the 1960s.

Paul du Vair is the legendary TAG Biology teacher at Madison East High School.

2 thoughts on “Students Swim In Knowledge of Aqua Biology Class”

  1. Ed school professors probably plaster their offices with posters of Mr. du Vair as an example of everything they debunk. He makes students memorize appropriate terminology. YES! He MAKES them MEMORIZE information. He MAKES them MEASURE ACCURATELY. No guestimating. The measurement is either RIGHT or WRONG! Oh, my god! RIGHT or WRONG! Assignments must follow a prescribed format! Students ARE NOT ALLOWED to complete an assignment in a way that simply makes them feel good!
    State Legislator Alan Lasee missed the target when he wanted to cut state funding to the law school because we have too many lawyers.
    We have too many ed school professors passing off jibberish as knowledge!
    Mr. du Vair understands how academic proficiency boosts students’ self-esteem and generates excitement for learning. Teaching self-esteem does NOT boost self-esteem or create excitement for learning.
    Schools need more inspiring teachers like Mr. du Vair.

  2. Worse yet, the MMSD administration believes the ed school nonesense 100% and forces it wholeheartedly on the board, teachers, and taxpayers to the detriment of the academic success of students.

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