Assessment of the Madison School District’s TAG Program in 1992

A look at the MMSD’s TAG program in 1992.
Dr. Susanne Richert (Consultant) [9.5MB PDF]:

I was requested to conduct an evaluation. However, very little quantitative data on student outcomes were available and, given the time-frame, none could be gathered. I, therefore prefer to call this a qualitative criterion-referenced assessment. However, more than sufficient quantitative formative (as opposed to summative) data and extensive qualitative data were gathered. This qualitative criterion-referenced assessment is based on criteria generated by the literature on the education of the gifted. These are included in the appended list of references; most especially, in this order of priority: Richert, Cox, Van Tassel-Baska, Renzulli, Roeper, Kaplan and Tannenbaurn.

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One thought on “Assessment of the Madison School District’s TAG Program in 1992”

  1. FYI, the MMSD was found to be out of compliance with the Wisconsin statutes for gifted education in 1990. We have been out of compliance with said statutes ever since. Needless to say, such a state of affairs would never have been allowed to exist (and for so long) for any other group of students with special educational needs.
    The situation was exacerbated over the years by the fact that the DPI did not have a staff person overseeing gifted education in Wisconsin. (There is now someone in place — Chrystyna Mursky — as of early 2006.) Not only that, but the DPI responded to a 2004 – 2005 citizen request that it actually do the school district audits it requires itself to do by getting rid of the requirement.
    Find out more legal issues and gifted education in Wisconsin at the website for the Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted (WATG) —

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