It’s Vang Pao Elementary School

MMSD Today:

The Board of Education at its April 9 meeting unanimously voted to name the new elementary school on the far West side for General Vang Pao, a prominent, national Hmong leader.
His name was selected from a list of 39 names that were nominated earlier this year by community members.
Vang led the Hmong in the Secret War against the communists in Laos and Southeast Asia. After he arrived in the U.S. in 1975, he worked to help resettle the Hmong in this country and has been an advocate here for the rights of Hmong people.
The naming process defined by a previously established Board of Education policy also involved holding a public hearing at which dozens of persons spoke to the Board about the various names for the new school. There was also the opportunity for citizens to provide feedback by e-mail and via the Internet.

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  1. Please put the van pao debacle behind you, appointng some local established person who has devoted his or her time to the improvemnt of schools. I find even
    Thourogh to be pedantcic.

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