Fight and arrests at LaFollette

According to a report from the Madison Police Department:

On 3/22/07 at 10:02 a.m. there was a large disturbance at LaFollette H.S. A school administrator had noticed a large gathering of students and hostilities between some wanting to fight. It was later learned that the disturbance was caused by three females confronting three other females to fight. The Madison Police Department Education Resource Officer (ERO) noted that upon arriving to the scene several hundred students were watching the disturbance, clogging the hallway, and that 10-15 school officials had to restore order. A total of six Madison Police Officers were present in the school to help calm this disturbance. Eventually some students were detained and separated. In one separation, two students went to an office and began fighting again. Police had to respond to that office as well to break up the secondary fight. The above-listed juveniles were arrested and placed in Juvenile Reception until parents were notified.

One thought on “Fight and arrests at LaFollette”

  1. Although these incidents have become more commonplace in our schools, it is still unnerving to hear about them. Our schools are no longer a place where we can feel comfortable sending our children. In addition to concerns about the academic environment, we have to be concerned about safety. The poverty rate for MMSD students is 41%. Studies have shown that poverty levels can be equated with achievement. (See this weeks Isthmus)
    We have a double edged sword: in order for our schools to get better, we need to do things like reduce poverty and eliminate the gang presence. In the reverse, our schools need to do a better job in teaching and reaching all students to be productive member of our community, giving them hope of avoiding gangs and not living in poverty. MMSD can’t do this alone. It needs to partner with our CIty Government. I believe Ray Allen would give us much better leadership in these areas. He is not afraid to speak the truth about the challenges our City faces. Mayor Dave, in my opinion, wants to keep painting the “rosy picture” of how nice things are under his leadership. If the truth be told, his “Fit City” doesn’t look so wonderful!

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