A Few Words on Professionalism

There’s been a bit of school climate discussion recently regarding safety as well as leadership changes, most recently at LaFollette. I’ve had the opportunity to observe a number of teachers and principals over the past few months and have to say that the level of professionalism and resiliency, in the face of significant challenges, have been impressive. I am thankful for their time and efforts.

3 thoughts on “A Few Words on Professionalism”

  1. As a mom at Jefferson Middle school, where a recent Friday Social made the WSJ news and 60 parents, a school board member (Johnny), two police representatives, and Pam Nash, attended a meeting of safety and violence in the schools, it seems safety is an issue that needs bigger discussion in MMSD. MSCR who runs many afterschool programs and the Friday night socials at the middle schools has no legal or MMSD authority over the students who conduct themselves in an unruly manor. While there were three fights at the Jefferson Social conducted by MSCR, our principal has no authority over the students and their sole consequence to students that misbehave at these events is they can not attend the socials again. This is little comfort to the students that were attacked or their parents, who have elected to leave Jefferson for safer ground. The MSCR issue and policy, who’s staff is paid by MMSD and who run events at MMSD buildings, needs some serious legal review.
    On the other side. My two Jefferson Middle School students said they feel safe 99% of the time and know the 1% of the students that cause or create most of the problems at the school and they avoid them for that reason. It does seem like a life skill learned by my kids, but it is sad that that 1% is taking so much power, money, person time, and energy from the rest of the 99% of the school. In all I think the school is full of wonderful students, but the 1% need to be addressed.

  2. Yes Jim, the teachers and staff are resilient, but as someone who spends a few hours each week in my childrens’ school, I can assure you many teachers and staff are NUMB as well!

  3. This week at LHS has to be the most trying of my career as a teacher so far. My emotions ran the gamut from numbness to sadness to anger and to hope. I would like to thank all the parents, staff, and community members who have showed their support and concern regarding the situation at La Follette. We will bounce back from this in due time.
    I hope that we can continue to establish a dialogue among all of us in order find various means to address the issue of the 1% of students that are disruptive. Otherwise, the problem will drive many good kids, staff, and families out of the district.

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