2007 – 2008 Madison School District Budget Discussions Underway

Watch Monday evening’s school board discussion [Video | Download] of the upcoming larger than usual reductions in revenue cap limited increases in the District’s 2007 – 2008 budget (they are larger than normal due to the recently disclosed 7 year structural budget deficit). The 2006 / 2007 budget is $333M+ (it was $245M in 98/99 while enrollment has remained flat, though the student composition continues to change).

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One thought on “2007 – 2008 Madison School District Budget Discussions Underway”

  1. Jim, This is vitally important post, one that should generate much discussion.
    Let me start. How long has the Rainwater administration and/or individual members of the BOE known about the 9-12 million dollar deficit? (Perhaps he mispoke, but I heard Mr Rainwater describe in last night’s meeting a 10-12 million dollar deficit–a million here, a million there…)
    My guess is that most BOE members, indeed, hopefully all, were as ignorant as the rest of us. But if so, why aren’t they speaking up now?
    There is certainly the appearance of keeping the public in the dark until after the passage of a referendum commiting the district to a major outlay of funds for a new school. Of course the long-range planners said that school was needed, but perhaps its need should have been evaluated in the context of the district’s broader fiscal situation. I find this very disturbing.

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