Financial Literacy Project

Dan Greene:

I have the beginnings of an idea for a project to do later in Spring, for the exponential functions unit, in conjunction with our freshman College Readiness classes.
I was thinking about when I was a freshman in college, and how there were always tables set up by credit card companies who would attract crowds of freshmen with such irresistable items as Citibank t-shirts and Bank of America frisbees. They would give a credit card to just about anyone. There have been lots of reports about how so many college students get into incredible credit card debts because they don’t know how to manage a credit card, and they are preyed on by these vultures.

One thought on “Financial Literacy Project”

  1. Very interesting idea and I would be interested in learning more.
    I have experience in this area – I currently work as an operations manager in revolving credit and prior to that I was a Sr Financial Analyst in this industry. I also experienced this issue as an undergrad and believe it is very important to get kids started on the right foot as they enter college.

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